IOU Financial

Affordable small-business loans
at the speed of opportunity

 IOU Financial, via its U.S. subsidiary, IOU Central, provides successful small businesses access to the capital they need to seize growth opportunities quickly. By making loans of up to $100,000 in just a few business days, and at favorable, transparent charges with no hidden fees or markups, IOU Central is the premier alternative to banks. The quick, online application process gives IOU Central the information and permissions needed to accurately automate qualification according to cash flow and other health indicators, and to render an approval decision within days, not weeks or months. For businesses who qualify, IOU Central is the industry’s most trusted partner for quick and affordable cash, with many customers returning for additional loans when additional opportunities arise.

IOU Financial is a company listed on the TSX Venture Exchange (TSX-V). Its trading symbol is IOU. IOU Central, based in metro, GA is a privately held subsidiary of IOU Financial.